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Hello , My name's Maria Magdalena. I'm fifteen years old. I from S'horta and  I study in Felanitx. I  was born on 15th March 1993. I like meeting my friends.

On Saturdays I go to Porto Colom with my friends to the DUC-1 or I go  to Manacor with my mum. I visit my parents in Manacor...

I have one sister. She's 6 months old. Her name is Aina Maria.

This is a bad presentation

I'm in  English class. 

7 people live in my house. My mum, my dad, my grandma, my grandpa, my sister, my aunt and me.

 It is a very big family.

I like playing football with my cousins ... My favorite band is Jonas Brothers. Joe is a singuer and Nick and Kevin are the guitarrista. It's a beautiful band.

My favorite colour is blue....

I finish this presentation. Goodbye!

1- Complete the song with the following words.


chick     flash       dance        something           child           face           little           funny      

  hot     look       easy       cool          nice         chat         go          cute         what       pretty

Does your mother know ? Abba

You're so (1) hot, teasing me

So you're blue but I can't take a chance on a (2) chick like you

That's (3) something I couldn't do

There's that (4) look in your eyes

I can read in your (5)face that your feelings are driving you wild

Ah, but girl you're only a child.

Well I can (6) dance with you honey

If you think it's (7) funny

Does your mother know that you're out?

And I can (8) chat with you baby

Flirt a (9) little maybe

Does your mother know that you're out?

Take it (10) easy, better slown down girl

That's no way to (11) go, does your mother know?

Take it easy, try to (12) cool it girl

Take it (13) nice and slow, does your mother know?

I can see (14) what you want

But you seem (15) pretty young to be searching for that kind of fun

So maybe I'm not the one

Now you're so (16) cute, I like your style

And I know what you mean when you give me a (17) flash of that smile

But girl you're only a (18) child.

2- Present Simple Affirmative

1. Circle the correct word:

Every day my family and I ( / eats) Breakfast at half past seven. Mum (2. fry / fries) eggs. My sister (3. cut / cuts) the bread. Dad and I sometimes (4. go / goes) to the shop to buy milk. We all (5. leave / leaves) the house at eight o'clock. Mum always (6. say / says), "Have a good day!"


2. Complete the sentences with the Present simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Andy always studies  (STUDY) in the evening.

2. Cathy never dances (DANCE) at parties.

3. He meets(MEET) his friend every day.

4. Our cat watches (WATCH) birds.

5. I never buy (BUY) games.

6. Victor and I speak (SPEAK) English at home.

7. We wear (WEAR) trainers to play basketball.

8. She plays (PLAY) computer games in her room.

9. It rains (RAIN) a lot in Scotland.

10. My grandparents lives (LIVE) in Valencia.


3-Present Simple Negative

1. Complete the sentences with don't or doesn't.

1. She doesn'tspeak Italian.

2. They don't go to school.

3. We don't swim very well.

4. He doesn't watch TV.

5. You don't live in England.

2. Write statements as in the example.

1. Beth eats oranges. (bananas) She doesn't eat bananas. '

2. Paul likes walkig. (running)  He doesn't like running

3. They usually go to a disco. (bar) They don't usually go to a bar

4. Peter works in his office. (bedroom) He doesn't work in his bedroom

5. They drink water. (Coca-cola) They don't drink Coca-cola


 Revision activites (19th Freb.09)

1. Fill in "I", "you", "he", "she", "it", "we" or "they".

1. Lydia

4. you and Sue

7. radio

2. Father and mother

5. the book

8. the cups

3. George

6. you and I

9. Ann

2. Fill in "am", "is" or "are".

1. She is my sister.

2. They are my friends.

3. I am a good boy.

4. Ben is my brother.

5. How are you?

6. I am in the garden.

7. Sally and I are friends.

8. It is a dog.


3. Choose the correct item.

1. This is my pencil. A) These are B) They are C) This is

2. Mr Smith is walking  to work. A) is walking B) walk C) are walking

3. Look! John is riding his bicycle. A) is riding B) riding C) rides

4. Are you a dancer? A) Is B) Are C) Am

5. This isn't your book. It's mine. A) mine B) my C) him

6. Her mother is a teacher. A) We B) Our C) She

7. They live in a big house. A) is living B) lives C) live

8. He eats his breakfast now. A) eat B) is eating C) eats

9. Sam can't drive a car. A) can't B) isn't C) hasn't got

10. Be quiet! Father is sleeping. A) sleep B) sleeps C) is sleeping

11. She works as a singer. A) works B) work C) is working

12. Theyare having lunch now. A) is having B) are having C) have

13. Look at them! They are playing. A) play B) plays C) are playing

14. He doesn't work in a bank. A) doesn't B) hasn't C) don't


4. What does Carol do every day? Write sentences as in the example:

1. (Monday/work in the garden) She works in the garden on MOnday.

2. (Tuesday/clean the house) She cleans the house on Tuesday

3. (Wednesday/play tennis) She plays tennis on Wednesday

4. (Thursday/go shopping)  She goes shopping on Thursday

5. (Friday/clean the car) She cleans the car on Friday

6. (Saturday/watch TV)She watches TV on Saturday


5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Simple Present or Present Continuous.

Saturday at Tina's house. TOM: What are you doing(do) Tina? TINA: I am writing (write) a letter to my friend. I usually do (do) this every Saturday. TOM: Where is (be) your mother? TINA: She is working (work) in the kitchen. She always makes (make) a cake on Saturday. TOM: I am looking (look) out of the window now. Iam watching(watch) your father. He is cleaning (clean) his car. TINA: I know, he always cleans (clean) his car on Saturday and waters (water) the flowers in the garden, too. TOM: Your family works (work) very hard every Saturday.


6. Fill in "who", "whose", "what", "when" or "where".

1. Where ? in the park

2. _________? Jane's 12. _________?

Julie 3. _________? a table 13. _________? a snake

4. _________? at 6 o'clock 14. _________? John's

5. _________? at school 15. _________? at noon

6. _________? the doctor 16. _________? Mother

7. _________? on Sunday 17. _________? Father's

8. _________? Peter 18. _________? at Christmas

9. _________? a horse 19. _________? on Tuesday

10. __________? at night 20. _________? in the room

11. __________? today 21. _________? in May 


Present Simple activities (26th February 2009)

1. Complete the sentences with the correct Present Simple form of the verbs in bracktes.

1. I live (live) with my parents.

2. My mum works (work) in a hospital.

3. Michaelloves (love) playing football.

4. My grandparents speak(speak) French.

5. Maria has (have) got blue eyes.

6. We go (go) to the cinema once a week.

7. He listens(listen) to music in the evening.

8. The students do(do) their homework every day.

9. The cat sleeps(sleep) on the sofa.

10. My sister never reads (read) the newspaper.

11. I don't see (not/see) my shool friends on Sunday.

12. Rob doesn't play (not/play) basketball.

13. My parents don't have (not/have) dinner at seven o'clock.

14. I don't write (not/write) letters to my friends.

15. They don't like (not/like) romantic comedies.

16. My brother doesn't eat (not/eat) meat. He's a vegetarian.

17. Rosa doesn't sing (not/sing) very well.

18. They don't drink (not/drink) wine because they have to drive.

19. I don't listen (not/listen) to songs in French.

20. My friend Toni doesn't help (not/help) me with my homework.


1. Complete the following questions with do or does.

1. Where does Susan live?

2. Do you like pizza?

3. _______________ your friends play basketball?

4. ________________ your grandmother visit you on Sundays?

5. _______________ your parents like your favourite music?

6. What _______________ people visit in the north?

7. When _______________ the film start?

8. What _______________ you do in the evenings?

9. ________________ your English teacher play the guitar?

10. Why _________________ Roberta ride horses?

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