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Data de naixement 23/1/92
Lloc de naixement Palma
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Hi! My name is Nico. I'm from Mallorca,

I live in  Felanitx. I'm very happy with people in

Felanitx , especially with the girl that makes

me feel emotions I cannot explain in words.

Y aora que no esta a mi lado , me siento vacio

por que tu lo eres todo para mi saves y

aora que no estas que are yo sin ti.

Tu sabes que te kiero muxo , que lo eres to pa mi

q x ti espero lo q aga falta xq eres mi niña i siempre

lo seras TE KIERO MUXO.


Marilyn Manson
Complete the song with the following words.


[[[../../../../index.php?title=Usuari:Maorfi72&action=edit&section=2|edita]]] chick      flash       dance     something    child     face      little     funny     hot     look      easy     cool    nice       chat      go       cute       what        pretty  


[[[../../../../index.php?title=Usuari:Maorfi72&action=edit&section=3|edita]]] Does your mother know ?         Abba

You're so (1) _hot____________, teasing me

So you're blue but I can't take a chance on a (2)____chick_________ like you

That's (3) ____something_______________ I couldn't do

There's that (4) _____look_______________ in your eyes

I can read in your (5)__face_____________ that your feelings are driving you wild

Ah, but girl you're only a child.

Well I can (6) __dance______ with you honey

If you think it's (7) _____funny______________

Does your mother know that you're out?

And I can (8) __chat____________ with you baby

Flirt a (9) __little______________ maybe

Does your mother know that you're out?

Take it (10) ____easy___________ , better slown down girl

That's no way to (11) __go____________, does your mother know?

Take it easy, try to (12) ____cool_____________ it girl

Take it (13) ___nice_________________ and slow, does your mother know?

I can see (14) _______what___________ you want

But you seem (15) _____pretty_________________ young to be searching for that kind of fun

So maybe I'm not the one

Now you're so (16) ____cute_____________, I like your style

And I know what you mean when you give me a (17) ____flash___________ of that smile

But girl you're only a (18) ____child_____________.

Jeff Hardy
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